400 Lateral Cervical X-Rays Are Used to Better Understand Cervical Lordosis

How It Works

Three-dimensional models of the spine help researchers and clinicians understand the ideal shape of the spine, as well as calculate corrective measurements for treatment. In this study, researchers amassed 400 x-rays and tested an average model that could be used to help generate corrective measurements for treatment. They then compared treatment measurements against the model and found that it could be used successfully in clinical applications with minimal error.

What It Means

It’s easier to treat the spine with a three-dimensional, geometric understanding of proper spinal alignment, as well as a geometric representation of normal and abnormal spinal curvature. By using a model that measures the correct degree of curvature around cervical lordosis, this can help clinicians understand the measurements required to successfully treat and correct the spine when it is abnormally curved.


Corrective CBP® chiropractic therapy is geometrically tailored to provide the most efficient treatment possible by employing precise measurements based on real-life spinal models.

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