Step 1

All new patients start off with a consultation, followed by a physical exam and digital x-rays. A Posture Ray Analysis is performed on the digital x-rays for an exacting measurement of the patient’s postural distortions. In addition, a Posture Screen evaluation will be performed to show the patient how their distortions in posture appear visually without x-ray. All of these are necessary to determine if the patient qualifies for care.

Step 2

I review the report of findings with the patient explaining all of what I’ve found, how we can help and then we review my recommendations for a care plan. At this time the patient’s Posture Ray Analysis and Posture Screen are reviewed and presented to the patient. We also will review the insurance verification and the expense involved.

Step 3

Apply the care plan of Active Assisted Isolated Stretches, Chiropractic Biophysics, Scoliosis treatment (Scolibrace and Scolibalance PT) Physical Therapy and Manual therapy. Patients that follow the Chiropractic Biophysics protocol will have a repeat set of x-rays (repeat Posture Ray Analysis and Posture Screen Analysis) to measure posture correction after about 36 visits over three months. Further posture correction and/or maintenance care is discussed at this time.