How to Use the CBP® Spine Model to Measure Your Neck Pain

How to Use the CBP® Spine Model to Measure Your Neck Pain
 If you have neck pain, it’s likely more than your posture causing the problem.

The CBP® Spine Model will show whether your cervical spine is properly aligned in its normal position. Chiropractors use this measurement to determine angular degrees from your C2-C7 vertebrae, which can be the underlying causes of shoulder and head pains as well.

For example, shoulder pain can originate from the C5-C6 and C6-C7 vertebrae, Dr. Deed Harrison said. Head pain can originate from the neck spine as well in C0-C1 and C2-C3.

At Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, 277 patients were randomly selected for a study and put into asymptomatic and neck pain subject groups. Of the 277 patients, there were 99 normal subjects and 178 pain subjects. In total, 55% were female, and 45% were male.

Males had a higher median absolute rotation angle (ARA) than females, the study found. Females had a larger variability in relative rotational angles (RRA). This trend was only significant in the 40-49 year age range. For ages 59 and older, this was not the case.

However, collective research data showed neck pain tends to have a decreased curve angle, which was consistent over all age groups. Patients with more neck pain had more variable ARA. Additionally, patients with straight and kyphotic cervical curves were 18 times more likely to present with cervicogenic symptoms such as a stiff neck, pain around the eyes, and/or face.

In the end, the completed study supported the theory that straight or kyphotic neck configurations are abnormal. The researchers found a significant association between neck pain and lordosis at less than 20 degrees. They also identified the “clinically normal” range for cervical lordosis between 31 and 40 degrees, which could be used as a clinical goal for chiropractic treatment.

Watch a full explanation of the study. To learn more about the CBP Spine Model, click here.

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