How can I correct my Cervical spine without surgery?

Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) involves conservative, non-surgical, corrective chiropractic spinal care. CBP® doctors properly take and analyze Cervical spine x-rays to identify Cervical spine alignment problems and determine the appropriate treatment. CBP® doctors apply specific corrective adjustments, spinal traction, and spinal exercises to provide healthy movement, positioning, and stability to the spine. But don’t just take our word for it.

Is there research on Cervical spine correction?

Many doctors, healthcare providers, and products claim to be able to correct Cervical spine alignment. An essential part in choosing for the right treatment for your spinal problem involves knowing what treatments have been successful. CBP® has the most scientific research available involving conservative, non-surgical, corrective chiropractic spinal care. In several high-level studies [***the word “studies” should be a hyperlink to], hundreds of participants and patients have undergone CBP® Cervical corrective chiropractic care showing improvements in pain, function, disability, and quality of life as a result of Cervical spinal correction. This body of evidence includes high-level research including randomized and non-randomized clinical trials, multiple treatment groups, and control groups, published in peer-reviewed journals, and indexed in PubMed of the National Institute of Health. What's more, is these studies show long-term health improvements where participants and patients who underwent CBP® corrective chiropractic care were able to maintain their health improvements at 1, 2, and 3 years following treatment protocols where no further treatment was administered. Unfortunately, participants and patients who underwent traditional physical therapy, chiropractic, or no treatment protocols saw a return to their original pain, dysfunction, disability, and poor health and quality of life. The message here is that your doctor matters.

How can I find a CBP® doctor?

You can find the locations and contact information for CBP® doctors at the CBP® Doctors Directory. The CBP® Doctors Directory includes and identifies doctors who have received CBP® training, earned Basic and Advanced Certifications, and those who have achieved Instructor level. Fully equipped and trained CBP® offices are exceptional and may see patients that travel from out of state or country to help with Cervical spine problems.

Contact a CBP® chiropractor today to learn more about your Cervical spine and keeping your Cervical spine healthy.

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