How to Treat Cervicogenic Dizziness

Many people experience neck pain and dizziness. Cervicogenic dizziness is a disabling condition commonly associated with cervical dysfunction. A majority of patients with cervico­genic dizziness can improve with appropriate neck treatment.

A study conducted in 2011 reported that a significant number of participants improved with conservative treatment of the neck, such as gentle mobilization exercises, instruction in proper posture, and use of the DennerollTM cervical traction.

A group of 72 participants between 40 and 55 years of age with cervicogenic dizziness were randomly assigned to a control or an experimental group. Both groups received the neck treatment program. However, the experimental group were the only ones to receive the Denneroll cervical traction.

At both the 10 week post treatment and the 1-year follow up, participants were identified favoring the experimental group. The addition of Denneroll cervical extension traction to a neck treatment program positively improved pain, dizziness management and led to greater and longer lasting improved function.

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