Lumbar extension traction provided more pain relief than other treatments alone.


The purpose of this study was to find out if using a machine to stretch the lower back (lumbar extension) while also receiving hot packs and interferential therapy would decrease pain more than just hot packs and interferential therapy alone. 

How it Was Conducted 

A group of 64 people with confirmed slipped discs and chronic pain were split into two groups of 32. Both groups received hot packs and interferential therapy as treatment, but only one group received lumbar extension traction. Researchers measured the absolute rotatory angle, intervertebral movements, and visual analog scale for all patients at 3 different times: before treatment, after 10 weeks, and at six months for follow-up. Results showed that patients who received lumbar extension traction reported less pain and showed improvement superior to the non-traction group in all metrics. 


Lumbar extension traction with hot packs and interferential therapy was superior to hot packs and interferential therapy alone, decreasing pain and restoring mobility more effectively. 

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