Patient With Treatment-Resistant Whiplash Recovers With CBP®

This study looked at the effects of Chiropractic BioPhysics® on a patient with chronic whiplash-associated disorders that hadn't responded to many previous physical therapy and chiropractic treatments. The chronic whiplash-associated disorders were treated with standard CBP® rehabilitation methods to assess effectiveness of treatment for the purposes of documentation and research.

About The Patient

The patient was experiencing chronic neck, shoulder, and arm pain as well as headaches after a high-speed rear-impact collision. He was diagnosed with a chip fracture of the C5 vertebra and herniated disks in his cervical and thoracic spine. He previously was treated with traditional chiropractic and physical therapy methods, but had only experienced short-term relief from his symptoms.

An orthopedic surgeon gave him a permanent impairment rating of 33%, suggesting he would not recover and that his ability to work would remain significantly limited.


The patient was treated with CBP mirror-image® cervical spine adjustments, exercise, and traction. These treatments helped reduce forward head posture and cervical kyphosis. The patient's abnormal head protrusion resolved and cervical kyphosis returned to lordosis after treatment. His initial neck disability index decreased from 46% to 0%. Verbal pain rating scales also improved for neck pain (from 5/10 to 0/10).


Traditional medicine is not always sufficient to provide long-term relief of symptoms. Chiropractic Biophysics® employs geometric and physics-based techniques that can significantly reduce unwanted symptoms.

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