Researchers Create a Model of The Spine to Measure Abnormal Curvature

How It Works

Without a three-dimensional representation of the spine, it’s impossible to understand and correct the spinal shape precisely. By creating a representation of the spine in kyphosis (abnormal curvature), it’s possible to create a treatment plan and intervention based on the multi-dimensional model.

What It Means

Treatment can be more precise and exact with a three-dimensional, geometric model that can help create accurate coordinates for treatment plans. This geometric understanding of the spinal shape in both normal and abnormal curvature is invaluable for creating the customized treatment plans that Chiropractic BioPhysics® is known for.


By using precise measurements derived from real-life spinal models, kyphosis and hyper-kyphosis-correcting chiropractic treatment can be geometrically customized to produce the most effective treatment possible.

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