Study investigates the shape of the lumbar spine to determine if it is similar to an ellipse.

Purpose of the Study 

Prior to this study, existing models of the lumbar spine were based on very limited findings. The existing models were deemed insufficient to execute comprehensive clinical treatments, necessitating an updated model. 

How it Was Conducted 

50 x-rays were compiled from normal subjects and mathematically analyzed to create an accurate model of the lumbar spine and determine whether it is shaped similarly to an ellipse. 


The study found that the elliptical model derived from the 50 subjects accurately reflects the lumbar curvature. Data from 50 normal subjects was used to create an ellipse along the posterior body margins from the inferior of T12 to the superior sacral base. More data was gathered to create an elliptical lumbar model from a least-squares analysis of passing ellipses through the digitized posterior body points. This means that an elliptical model is a good fit for the lumbar curvature, and this model can successfully be used to carry out accurate clinical treatment. 

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