The Evolution of Chronic Back Pain Treatments

Chronic lower back pain remains one of the most common problems in physical therapy. With a nearly 90% recurrence rate, it’s still one of society’s highest economic burdens.

Continuous and repeat treatment can be costly. That’s why CBP practitioners focus on finding the right treatment to alleviate your pain and reduce future complications. 

In 2009, a study of 40 people was conducted to identify a new solution to treat chronic lower back pain. Participants were referred to the program if they experienced moderate to severe abnormalities, according to the picture index scale.

Of the 40 participants, there were 20 men and 20 women. The average participant age was 44 years old. Researchers divided them into one study group and one control group.

Both groups received light-weight thermoplastic orthosis, a customized back brace, which was easily applied and removed by patients. One part of the brace is attached to the lumbosacral region and is considered a fulcrum. The other part is attached to the rib cage area.

The two parts were then connected to each other by a movable joint, which allowed the movable parts to be adjusted in all translational and rotational movements.

Researchers found those who received additional treatments showed improved posture and overall pain management.

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