What should my Cervical spine look like?

From front-to-back, your Cervical spine should be straight up and down. This helps to provide strong structural support for the body. From the side, your Cervical spine should have a curvature that curves towards your front. The curve is a near-circular shape and when you think of curves, think of shock absorption. Too much, too little, or reversal of your Cervical curve has a negative impact on its ability to absorb shock. Your Cervical spine’s ability to absorb shock protects your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, discs, nerves, and spinal cord.

How can I find a CBP® doctor?

You can find the locations and contact information for CBP® doctors at the CBP® Doctors Directory. The CBP® Doctors Directory includes and identifies doctors who have received CBP® training, earned Basic and Advanced Certifications, and those who have achieved Instructor level. Fully equipped and trained CBP® offices are exceptional and may see patients that travel from out of state or country to help with Cervical spine problems.

Contact a CBP® chiropractor today to learn more about your Cervical spine and keeping your Cervical spine healthy.

How do I know what my Cervical spine looks like?

Do you have a current x-ray of your Cervical spine?

If you answered, “No,” then you do not know what your Cervical spine looks like. But don’t feel bad. You can always have a properly trained doctor take x-rays of your Cervical spine and analyze them for you. Did you know there are doctors, physical therapists, trainers and others who think they can predict Cervical spine alignment from posture? Unfortunately, using your outer posture to predict your internal Cervical spine alignment is guessing. It is irresponsible and dangerous to gamble with your neck health by guessing.

If you answered, “Yes.” then you may know what your Cervical spine looks like. Several factors affect Cervical spine x-rays. Body positioning, proper x-ray analysis, and a thorough understanding of spinal alignment can mean the difference between a proper and improper understanding of your Cervical spine. These factors depend on the person taking and analyzing your x-ray. “Practice without knowledge is dangerous.”

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