Your Cervical Spine

Your Cervical Spine

Did you know that neck pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide? What’s more is that the shape and posture of your Cervical spine is directly related to your neck health and function. Taking care of or avoiding Cervical spine problems requires understanding, maintaining, and restoring healthy Cervical spine alignment. A healthy Cervical spine allows for healthy neck movement and the health of your:

  • Other spinal regions;

  • Blood flow in your neck;

  • Blood flow to your brain;

  • Nerves and spinal cord;

  • Discs;

  • Muscles, tendons, and ligaments;

  • Bones and joints;

  • Balance;

  • And more.

The message here is that your Cervical spinal alignment matters.

How can I find a CBP® doctor?

You can find the locations and contact information for CBP® doctors at the CBP® Doctors Directory. The CBP® Doctors Directory includes and identifies doctors who have received CBP® training, earned Basic and Advanced Certifications, and those who have achieved Instructor level. Fully equipped and trained CBP® offices are exceptional and may see patients that travel from out of state or country to help with Cervical spine problems.

Contact a CBP® chiropractor today to learn more about your Cervical spine and keeping your Cervical spine healthy.

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