Osteoarthritis Treatments


Bethesda Spine and Posture focuses on prehabilitation, a form of strength training, to encourage the prevention of injuries before the actual occurrence for total well-being, and for pre-surgery strengthening that can help patients heal faster and more completely after surgery.

At Bethesda Spine and Posture, we believe that many injuries can be prevented before they happen, leading to the need for prehabilitation. Our team is skilled in preventing injuries, correcting dysfunctions, restoring biomechanics, optimizing movement and improving overall performance.

While it’s unrealistic to be injury-free forever, we believe prevention is a big part of maintaining your health. Preventing unnecessary injury now goes a long way toward keeping costly rehab, medical treatments and surgery at bay. Those recurring costs can be stressful to your body and mind, not to mention draining to your wallet.

Our doctors can help you with prehabilitation exercises that decrease the likelihood of future injury. Often times, people prone to injury, such as athletes, benefit from this type of service. Our effective and efficient programs target your weakest points to prevent or at least limit the severity of injuries if and when they do occur.

For pre-surgery patients, a prehabilitation regimen can prepare you to better tolerate the surgical procedure and can help speed post-surgical recovery period.