Knee Pain Treatments

Knee Pain Relief That Lasts

Knee Pain Relief That Lasts

Are you suffering from knee pain? Here at Bethesda Spine & Posture, our pain specialists in Bethesda, MD can help you alleviate your chronic knee pain. Rely on our skilled doctors who have extensive knowledge in treating chronic knee pain with pain management treatments that include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections
  • Pain Relieving Creams
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Injections
  • Prolotherapy

Rest assured, in addition to treating your acute or chronic pain, we also specialize in treating your conditions with both physical medicine and natural pain relief methods. This results in a complete and unique approach to treating chronic knee pain. On one hand, you get pain management with medication, trigger point injections, and epidurals, and on the other you get natural pain relief options through chiropractic care. We achieve this utilizing state of the art equipment for pain management and physical rehabilitation, with professionals trained in the most up-to-date therapies and rehabilitation techniques available.

You don’t have to be sidelined by knee pain any longer. Rely on our gentle, safe, and effective treatment protocol for knee pain caused by arthritis, meniscus tears, ligament problems, and patella pain. Our unique program is considered to be a joint replacement alternative for the arthritic knee. This is great news for the 100 million people in the United States who suffer from debilitating knee pain! You may have assumed your only options until now were surgery and drugs. Not so. We have the solution for you.

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